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Complete electrical, fire, and security solutions designed around your needs.

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A tailored approach

Our commitment to clear communication and swift responsiveness guarantees that our clients are always in the loop, confident in our ability to handle unexpected situations, and ensure the smooth flow of every project. Partner with us for unmatched efficiency, where your projects are managed with precision, adaptability, and a focus on delivering exceptional results.

A better workflow with SM Installations


We deliver high-level and wide-ranging directorial advice for owners and stakeholders that strengthens their knowledge and certainty about the completion time for a project.


We are a large electrical, fire and security specialist in electrical services and have the resources to complete projects and meet unexpected project demands.


Our experience and expertise mean we can appreciate and deliver on domestic extension equally and large-scale multi-million-pound installations.


Our project engineers possess the foresight and expertise to anticipate challenges before they arise.

We engage in proactive pre-planning, identifying potential issues down the line. Working closely with our clients, we proactively address problems, collaborating with contract management teams and site/building managers.

We initiate strategic meetings when challenges loom, ensuring transparent communication and swift problem resolution.

Project Structure and Management

Our dedicated Project Manager collaborates closely with our experienced on-site project engineers, individuals seasoned in overseeing similar projects successfully.

We entrust your project to our highly qualified engineers, ensuring a seamless transition in project leadership based on the project’s scale.

Efficiency and Communications

Efficiency is the cornerstone of our approach. Our agile management structure internally fosters communication within our team, partners, and contractors. We adapt swiftly, reacting promptly to the demands of each project.

While initial plans are crucial, our experience enables us to respond rapidly to unforeseen challenges, ensuring projects stay on track, often saving valuable time and expenses.

Quality Assurance

SM Installations commitment to quality assurance permeates every aspect of our operations. Our robust systems, meticulous project management, and continuous training programs empower our engineers to deliver projects with precision and punctuality consistently.

Frequently Asked Questions

We take our responsibility seriously. On-site safety, staff safety and equipment. We test all our metering equipment, safety equipment, and ladders; every aspect of our kit is tested to ensure it works correctly. Our documentation and logs for each job are accounted for and quality-controlled. Training and being up-to-date with compliance are fundamental to our organisation.
We provide turnkey electrical services and handle everything from planning and installation to monitoring and compliance, utilising a large team of electrical engineers with extensive industry experience. As a collaborative, industry-leading company, we focus on delivering an excellent service level.
We are expert electrical engineers in all electrical works, fire safety and security systems. We work across the UK, designing, installing, and providing maintenance.