Emergency Lighting

In case of emergencies, such as power failures or fire, emergency luminaires light a clear path to escape.

However, these lights must be installed in proper places for proper guidance. Conformity to the latest regulations is also important to ensure that the lights function accordingly when needed.

We provide emergency lighting solutions for both domestic and commercial customers throughout the UK. We can also undertake the subsequent testing and maintenance work to ensure the lighting stays in top condition throughout the year.


Emergency lighting installations are necessary for all commercial and residential buildings. These are needed in case of fires or other dangerous situations as well as in the event of a power cut due to mains failure.

Maintained emergency lights must stay on at all times and non-maintained lights must light up if there is a mains power failure, under UK regulations.

Commercial buildings must have emergency lights installed for safety and to provide clear visibility of any emergency exits. At SM Installations (NW) LTD we make sure to install emergency lighting that is compliant with UK regulations for your building. 


Emergency lighting is especially important in larger buildings as numerous corridors and multiple rooms can make it difficult to find an exit route. The specific type of emergency lighting you have installed will depend on the type of property including the architecture of the building and the outside areas.

The four main types of emergency lighting, include:

One of the most common types of emergency lighting installation. It helps to create safe and quick evacuation by drawing attention to fire doors and exit routes.

This lighting is used in open areas and large public buildings. Designed to prevent unnecessary panic and calmly lead groups of people out of a building. These luminaries need be big and have a sufficient amount of light to be clearly visible. The solution helps people evacuate communal areas safely and find their way to an exit.

High risk areas are particularly hazardous and require enhanced emergency lighting solutions. This needs to be suited to the space and meet the needs of the people working in the environment. These more dangerous areas need reliable lighting that can support people should something go wrong.

This type of lighting can help businesses function as normal when there is a power cut.

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